Truxor USA

TRUXOR® USA is a U.S. based retail dealer and sales agent of the TRUXOR® multi-functional amphibian machines and tools. With its range of simple to fit unique tools the TRUXOR® can be easily equipped to work as an aquatic weed cutter and vegetation harvester, excavator, dredger, trash collector, and oil spill clean up machine. For more details click on TRUXOR® & TOOLS.

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Better boating, bathing, fishing and sanitation. 

Keep your water free of aquatic weeds with a Hockney Underwater Weed Cutter.This ecologically safe, nonchemical method of weed control, will keep your water cleaner and more enjoyable to use.

The Hockney Company has been designing, manufacturing and selling directly to customers for over 90 years. Our satisfied customers include the United States

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